Encouraging cycling and walking in Placeford

Cycle journey planner warning / disclaimer

1. The cycle journey planner was created for Placeford Imaginary City Council (the Council) by CycleStreets and is made available at the Council's discretion. The use of the journey planner by you is not intended to create a contractual relationship between you and either CycleStreets or the Council. Neither CycleStreets nor the Council accepts any contractual liability to anyone using the journey planner. Any problems with its availability or operation should be referred to the Council.

2. The cycle journey planner is provided on an information basis only and should not be relied upon. CycleStreets uses information derived from third party data and has not checked that journeys are safe or that the timings given are accurate. You should always take responsibility for your own safe cycling and compliance with the Highway Code. As a result, neither CycleStreets nor the Council warrants the accuracy of the journey planner and accept no liability of any kind to any person who uses the journey planner except where such liability may not be excluded by law.

3. Ways shown on the map are not a guarantee of a right of way. If you are in any doubt, please consult the Definitive Map for the area.

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